In Gwalior, when the mother scolded for playing games in mobile, a boy left the house in anger. When nothing was found about the son for some time, the family reached the police station. The police understood the seriousness of the matter. Police traced him from Morena.

The incident is of Narayan Vihar Gola temple in Gwalior city on Sunday. When the police checked the CCTV cameras of the area, the child was seen climbing into a truck. The police tracked the same route and reached Sikrauda in Morena. A child has been recovered from a dhaba here.

If the police had delayed a little, then the incident could have happened with the child. 12 Raju (name changed) living in Narayan Vihar Colony, located in Gola Ka Mandir, was playing games on his mobile on Sunday. When he kept playing games from morning till noon, his mother scolded him and got rid of the mobile. He got angry at this and left the house. If the mother felt that the anger would calm down, she would return after some time, but it did not happen.

When he did not return for a long time, the family started worrying. The father of the child, Hotam Singh Gola reached the temple police station and informed about the whole matter. The missing child is a class 7th student. It did not take long for the police to understand the whole matter. Now the tension was that Raju should not take any wrong step in anger or he should not become a victim of any incident.

Because a large number of cases of human trafficking occur in the area. When the police came out of Narayan Vihar and checked the footage of the CCTV camera installed on the common road, the student is seen riding on a truck on the road. This truck was going towards Morena Highway. After this the police got the direction that the student had gone towards Morena. It was also surprising that how the truck driver easily gave a lift to such a small boy.


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