Gwalior. The body of a female post office employee and doctor’s wife, missing since June 10, 2021, has been found lying in 6 pieces. The dead body of the female employee was found lying near Myana station in Guna district. His arms, legs and head are all found separately. A missing person has been registered at Jhansi Road Police Station in Gwalior.

Female post office employee was missing since June 10
Ritu Kaseria’s wife Yogesh Kumar, 34, who lives in Harishankarapuram area of ​​the city, was an employee at the post office. Ritu’s husband Yogesh is a doctor. He has done MBBS from Gwalior and is currently doing PG from Patna Bihar. He also has two children. Everything was going well in the family now. Meanwhile, on June 10, when Ritu came out of the house talking to her husband on mobile, then she did not come back. When she did not return home, the family started searching. Mobile was also switched off. As soon as the information was received, the husband also reached Gwalior from Patna. Searched here and there, but couldn’t find anything. It was also not clear why Ritu came out of the house.

Face was completely disfigured, Ritu Kaseria was recognized by clothes
After registering a missing person at Jhansi Road police station, the police started investigation. But for four days nothing was found of him. On Sunday night, the family came to know that the body of a woman was found lying in several pieces near Myana station in Guna district. On this, Yogesh and other relatives reached Myana till around 12 noon on Monday. Here GRP Guna told that a dead body was found lying on the Guna Gwalior route near Myna station on June 10. The face had deteriorated. But Yogesh has identified the body as Ritu from the clothes she was wearing for the last time. After the police action, the body was handed over to the family members.

Clues were found from CCTV cameras
When the woman was nowhere to be found, the family and police started watching the footage of the CCTV camera from Harishankarapuram. The woman is seen leaving from Harishankarapuram. After this she was also seen standing on the station route. She has also come in the footage of the CCTV camera inside the station. After this she appeared on the route going towards Guna. While searching from here, clues were found that the body was found in Guna and she was identified as Ritu.

Why Ritu Kaseria came to Guna from Gwalior to commit suicide
Ritu’s body was found in 6 pieces. Earlier, GRP Guna believed it to be an accident after falling from the train, but later it was found that it was missing. Now the GRP says that the woman committed suicide by lying in front of the train. That’s when it is broken into pieces, but the question is why Ritu Kaseria has come from Gwalior to Guna to commit suicide. No suicide note was found near the body. So it would be wrong to say suicide with confidence. This matter needs to be carefully investigated.


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