The wall of the chamber being built under the AMRUT scheme collapsed as soon as the Energy Minister stepped in. Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar survived falling. Minister Tomar was very angry as soon as the shoddy construction was exposed and reprimanded the officers. Order for immediate inquiry also. After this incident, for the first time, big and strict action has been taken against M/s Vishnu Prakash Pangulia, the company working for Amrit scheme in the city.

This time the main reason for taking action on the company was the sudden visit of Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar. On Sunday, near the mental health center, suddenly the minister Tomar stopped his car near the water chamber being built under the AMRUT scheme. As soon as Minister Tomar shook the wall of the chamber with a kick to check the quality of the work, that wall collapsed, this work has decided that how substandard work is being done in the AMRUT scheme. On this, the Corporation Commissioner has also imposed a fine of Rs 1 lakh on the company.

In view of the poor works going on under the Amrit scheme for the supply of drinking water in the city, MPs or MLAs have all talked about action on this company many times, but no one has said anything further on why the action was not taken. Even after this till now this company is still working in the city. The complaint regarding the company is that the company is not working as per the terms and conditions.

The work of the company is also progressing at a slow pace. The quality of the company’s works came to the fore when Energy Minister Pradyuman Singh Tomar stopped to see the ongoing construction work at Mental Healthcare on Sunday evening. When the Energy Minister set foot on the wall being built for the chamber there, the wall suddenly collapsed. The Energy Minister survived falling in the mud. He was very angry on this and also gave instructions for action.

Notice to SE, field engineer removed
Municipal Commissioner Shivam Verma directed to write a letter to the company to impose fine and take strict action against the officers of the company and the field engineer was removed immediately. Show cause notice has been issued to the Assistant Engineer. After opening the hood of corruption, now instructions were given to make that chamber from RCC. Along with this, field engineer Prateek Sharma was immediately removed. At the same time, a show cause notice has been issued to Assistant Engineer Vishnu Pal.


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