Weapons have an old relationship with Gwalior-Chambal. Earlier, people used to take gun licenses for self-defense or for self-defense, to deal with enemies in land disputes, but now the situation has changed. The number of people applying for arms is increasing year after year in the city, but now they are more people who want to make guns a means of employment instead of avoiding enemies. In the five months from January 1 to May, 40 such applications have come to the police. The police have recommended for grant of arms license to these applicants.

SP Amit Sanghi says that in five months a total of 911 people applied for gun license. In 40 of these applications, the applicant has clearly given employment as the reason. Apart from this, there are about 232 applicants who want weapons for employment but have given some other reason in the application.

It also includes many ex-army men and retired soldiers from the para-military force. Overall, about 30 percent of applicants want to get a gun for employment. According to Sanghi, this trend has increased since last year, with people applying for arms licenses for employment. In 2020, the SP had recommended to give license to 101 such people. At present 29575 people have arms in Gwalior district.

Number of applications increased
^The number of applications for weapons is increasing every year. There are many people who want a weapon license for a job. We recommend such applicants for grant of license immediately. There are many people who belong to Gwalior and are engaged in the security of big institutions in big cities of the country.
– Amit Sanghi, SP

If there is a gun, then the salary is more than 4 thousand rupees.

Rajeev Gupta, who runs the security agency, told that if there is a normal security guard, then his salary is between 7 to 8 thousand. Whereas the salary of a gunman guard is more than 2 to 4 thousand rupees. The salary of a security guard with a pistol is high. Apart from Maharashtra, Gujarat, the security guards in the big cities of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal, Indore are residents of Gwalior and Chambal zones.


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