Gwalior: Along with Mohana of the district, 40 mm of rain in Shivpuri on Saturday-Sunday night increased by one foot each in the Kaketo and Pehsari dams built in the area. This is the first time that the water level of the dams has increased so much due to pre-monsoon rains. According to RL Dhakad, SDO, Water Resources Department, the water has increased by 65 mcft in Kaketo dam and 75 mcft in Pehsari dam. Although there has been rain in the catchment of Tighara dam, but till now the rain water has not reached Tighara dam. The water level of Tigra Dam has gradually come down to 720.70 feet due to the water being released from Kakato to Pehsari and Pehsari to Sank river.

Due to the rain, water got accumulated in the ponds of Banhera and Sumer of Ghatigaon. One of these ponds is currently under construction. Bholu Dixit, a resident of Sadar Bazar of Mohana, said that about one and a half feet of water had accumulated in the entire market during the night. This caused water to enter the shops. The stuff kept inside has been damaged by this. He said that there are about 150 shops in the market. On receiving the information, CMO Akhilendu Singh Dandotia, Patwari Bhuvan Morya and Revenue Inspector reached the spot on Sunday morning.

Before monsoon: Bhadayakund spilled for the first time
Bhadaiya Kund, the main tourist spot of the district, was spilled in the pre-monsoon rains between 2 and 3 o’clock on Saturday-Sunday night. This is the first time that Bhadiya Kund overflowed due to pre-monsoon rains. Shivpuri city received 55 mm of rain in an hour. Apart from this, there was thunderstorm and rain in different parts of the district.


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