Gwalior. Due to the problem in the lungs of an 8-month-old child, he was breathing 80 times in a minute, whereas the breathing activity of a normal child is only 15 to 20 times in a minute. His parents got upset after getting treatment from many doctors.

This successful surgery has been done to remove the bad lung from the stomach of this child. The city’s famous pediatric surgeon Dr. Ajay Upadhyay has operated on the bad part of the child’s lung. Now the child is completely healthy. If Dr Upadhyay is to be believed, such a case has been seen in Gwalior after ten years. Ten years ago, there was success in removing the bad lung from the stomach of a two-day-old child.

The surprising thing is that the child with a bad lung survived for 8 months, because usually children suffering from this disease are not able to survive for long. The technique of removing lungs from the stomach is available only in big cities. It is a big deal to do such a complex operation successfully in the city.

This child was admitted to a private hospital in Kampu 15 days ago. Where he had a successful operation 8 days ago. He has gone home after being discharged and is completely healthy now.

One child in a lakh would have this kind of disease
Congenital lobar emphysema is found in about one in a million children. It damages the lungs. In which when the child breathes, oxygen goes to the lungs, but the damaged lung pulls oxygen in but is unable to take it out. That’s why that air gets filled in it.

This increases its size. Due to which that bad lung presses on the right lung as well as presses the heart and other organs. Due to which lack of oxygen supply in the body leads to mental and physical problems. The child has recovered from the hospital and reached home and is completely healthy.


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