Coriander production is being promoted in Guna district under One District One Product by Madhya Pradesh government. According to one information, 20 to 25 percent of the entire country’s coriander is produced in Guna district. Guna district produces 32,000 metric tonnes of coriander per year.
It has come to the fore that coriander is mainly produced in 3 districts across the country. In which Guna is first, Ramganj Mandi Rajasthan is second and Gondal Gujarat is at third order. The major coriander producing areas of Guna district are Kumbhraj, Bamori, Chanchoda, Madhusudangarh, Myna, Binaganj. Two types of coriander are grown in Guna district, small coriander and fat coriander. The small coriander of Guna district is aromatic. Which has a huge demand in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi. Thick coriander is mainly used in the manufacture of coriander dal (Mukhwas). In Guna district, four units manufacture coriander. Their capacity is about 1200 MT per annum. Coriander is exported to Gujarat and Maharashtra.
In Guna district, about 100 small and big units of coriander cleaning and coriander powder are functioning. In which about 1500 persons have got direct/indirect employment through fixed capital investment of Rs.12 crores. These units are processing about 10000 MT of coriander. Out of these, one unit M/s PC Kannan & Co. which is established in Spices Park, Village Mawan Teh0 Guna.
The department has provided financial assistance to this unit like industrial investment grant, interest subvention and exemption from market fee, reimbursement. This unit has exported 232 MT of coriander powder to Dubai and Malaysia respectively in the year 2019-20. Remaining units are exporting abroad through exporters from Gujarat, Maharashtra and Indore instead of exporting directly.
5 Coriander processing units in Guna district have started production in the year 2020-2021. In which capital investment of 1565 lakhs has been done. In which about 125 people will get new employment directly and indirectly. The entrepreneurs and farmers of Guna district are being benefited by branding and sorting of coriander and coriander products in Guna district.


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