Gwalior. In the city on Tuesday night, some youths attacked a businessman with a bar in a dispute over petrol. The car was vandalized. The businessman was seriously injured after being hit by a bar in his head. He has been admitted to JAH.

name of test drive in Gwalior, 10 liters of petrol was finished in the businessman’s car, for protesting he was beaten to death with sticks.

The incident took place in front of the printing press in Bada. Kanhaiyalal Agarwal, a resident of Lashkar, is a businessman. He has a shop named Brijwasi Sweets. On Tuesday night at 9 o’clock, when he was sitting at the shop with his brother, Bhuvnesh Bhardwaj, along with his brothers Hariom Bhardwaj, Krishna Sharma alias Chhotu, Rinku, Neta Bhardwaj, Manoj Sharma alias Meenu, came there.

He said that he wants to buy his car UP 14 Z-2022. Also told to do a test drive. On this the merchant gave the car. He took the car towards Roxy and returned after about 2 hours. On this Baldev saw the meter of the tank of petrol and more than 10 liters of petrol was exhausted. When Baldev asked about petrol and accused him of petrol theft, Bhuvnesh and his companions started creating a ruckus.

Somehow Baldev’s brother came and pacified him. At that time it was gone. He returned after about 20 minutes and attacked Baldev with his rods. On receiving the information, Kanhaiyalal, the brother of the businessman, reached there and saw that Bhuvnesh had hit his brother on the head, due to which he was seriously injured.


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