Work has already started in Madhya Pradesh to save children from the third wave of corona infection. The Gwalior district administration has made preparations to find out how much the third wave of corona will affect the children.

Neutralizing test will be conducted for 400 children
Actually, to check the antibodies in children, the Gwalior district administration will conduct a neutralizing test of children. For which about 400 children of Gwalior district have been identified, 200 children will be from urban area and 200 will be from rural area. The special thing is that half of these children will be those whose families have got corona, while half of the children will be those in whose family no one has been infected.

How many antibodies are made in children
Through this neutralizing test, it will be known that how much antibody has been prepared in children and what type it is. If antibodies are prepared in children, then whether they will be able to fight corona infection in the coming wave or not. With this experiment, an attempt will be made to find out if a child has antibodies, then the third wave of corona will be effective on him or will he be safe from it.

In this case, Gwalior CMHO Manish Sharma says that Gwalior is the first district of Madhya Pradesh to conduct a neutralizing test, this kit comes very expensive, a proposal has been sent to the government regarding this. At present, the green signal has been given orally, soon the budget will be received and after that the process of neutralizing test will be started.

Third wave can have more impact on children
It is being told that the third wave of Corona will have more impact on the children. In such a situation, efforts have already started to save the children from the third wave. This effort of Gwalior district administration is also being considered as an experiment of this. Apart from this, to prevent the third wave, parents of children should get more and more vaccines.

What is neutralizing test
Actually, neutralizing test is a test by which antibodies are detected in the body. This is an antibody that is developed by the body to neutralize the corona virus. This antibody neutralizes the virus to enter human cells and directly protect the human body from infection. The neutralizing antibody prevents the virus from infecting the cell in the body. Due to this antibody, the biological effect of the cell is not inhibited and the patients have a protective immune system against the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Through this test, antibodies in children also in Gwalior


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