Keeping in view the decrease in the rate of Covid-19 infection in the district, Collector and District Magistrate Kaushalendra Vikram Singh has issued a new order under Section-144 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. This order has been issued on the basis of the new guidelines issued by the state government for prevention and prevention of corona infection and the decision taken in the virtual meeting of the district level Crisis Management Committee.
The Superintendent of Police, Commissioner Municipal Corporation, Chief Executive Officer and Incident Commander of District Panchayat have been directed to ensure effective implementation of this order. Violation of the order will be punishable under section 188 of the Indian Penal Code and sections of the Disaster Management Act.
These activities will be banned
• All kinds of social, political, sports, entertainment, cultural and religious events and fairs etc. in which people gather.
• Schools, colleges, educational, training and coaching institutions will remain closed. Online classes will be able to run.
• All cinema houses, theaters and swimming pools will remain closed.
• All religious and places of worship will be able to open, but more than 6 devotees (including priests, imams, pastors and grantees etc.) will not be able to be present at a time. It will be mandatory to follow the Covid protocol in all the premises of worship.
• In marriage ceremonies, only the presence of a maximum of 50 people including both the parties will be allowed by the concerned SDM. The list of people attending the marriage must be given to the concerned SDM before marriage.
• Funeral will be allowed with a maximum of 10 people.
• Janata curfew will be there on every Sunday in all urban areas, which will be effective from 10 pm on Saturday to 6 am on Monday.
• Night curfew will remain in all urban areas from 10 pm to 6 am every day.
• Rule of Six – The gathering of more than 6 persons at any place other than the permitted (permitted) activities will be prohibited.

Activities free of restrictions
–All government, semi-government, corporation, board offices will open in the presence of 100 percent officers and 100 percent employees.
–All large, medium, small and micro industries will be able to work at their full capacity. With this, construction activities will be able to go on continuously.
–The movement of inter-state and state internal goods and services will remain uninterrupted.
–All types of shops, commercial establishments, shopping malls, shopping complexes and private offices will be open from 9 am to 8 pm. It will be mandatory to get the vaccination done by the owner and operator of all the above business activities himself and the employees working in the institute.
–In shopping malls and shopping complexes, only 200 persons will be allowed entry at a time on the basis of token system. It will be mandatory for the management of shopping malls and shopping complexes to arrange token distribution. In case of non-compliance, action will be taken by the concerned Incident Commander under Covid rules.
–All restaurants and clubs will be able to open till 10 pm with 50 percent capacity.
–All hotels and lodges will be able to open with full capacity.
–Gyms and fitness centers will be able to open from 6 am to 8 pm with 50 percent capacity following the conditions of Covid protocol.
–All sports stadiums will be able to open, but spectators will not be able to participate in sports events.
–Milk and vegetables can be sold from 6 am to 8 pm. During the Janata curfew on Sunday, the sale of milk and vegetables can be done from 6 am to 9 am.

Arrangement of fruits and vegetables will be as follows
Regular vegetable and fruit markets will remain closed. Vegetables and fruits can be sold only through designated sales centers and hand carts. Whole sellers, semi-whole sellers and farmers will be able to sell vegetables to retailers and mobile hand carts from 10 pm to 4 am from 12 sales centers. Ramlila Maidan Murar, Mela Ground No.-1, Mela Ground No.-2, Mela Ground No.-3, Mela Ground No.-4, Manoranjanalaya Ground at Hazira, Ground Behind Anandnagar Venus Public School, Tighra Road near SR Memorial, Polytechnical College Jhansi Road, Near Girwai Naka, Dinarpur II and Community Hall Tilak Nagar. In the areas outside the municipal limits area, the SDM concerned will determine the fruit-vegetable selling centers at their own level and ensure compliance of the rules of Covid-19.


Red Villages and Containment Zones
Villages having 5 or more than 5 active cases of COVID-19 have been marked as Red Villages. In red villages and in micro-containment zones and containment zones of urban areas, activities can be conducted only as per the instructions issued by the Union Health Ministry regarding Covid-19 infection.

Covid-19 protocol and other guidelines regarding covid appropriate behavior/discipline
–Thermal screening of persons entering from other states and districts in Gwalior district should be done.
Social distancing should be followed by ensuring adequate distance between customers by making shells in shops. –“No Mask-No Service” means that the shopkeeper will not sell any goods to the customer who is not wearing a face mask. Shopkeepers themselves will compulsorily use masks. If any shopkeeper is found violating the no mask-no service protocol, then action should be taken to seal the shop as per rules.
–Social distance should be followed in permitted (permitted) social programs (cremation and marriage), arrangements for handwash and sanitization and all persons should apply face mask. This action will need to be ensured by the organizer.

All persons compulsorily wear face mask. When applying a face mask, be sure to clean your hands before putting on the mask, as well as before and after taking it off, and at any time after touching it. Make sure it completely covers your nose, mouth and chin. When you take off a mask, store it in a clean plastic bag. If you have a cloth mask, wash it daily and throw the medical mask in the dustbin. Wearing a face mask is mandatory in all public work places and during transport. No mask no movement should be strictly followed. Each person should maintain 6 feet (2 yards distance) in public places. Maintain social distance in crowded places especially markets, weekly markets, public transport. Social distance should be ensured by the persons in charge of the work sites through adequate distance between workers and workers, adequate intervals in changing shifts and suitable intervals in lunch breaks etc. Maintain social distance As far as possible, each family should stay indoors and keep social interactions with other outsiders less, so that COVID infection can be effectively prevented. All persons should wash their hands with soap and water or use a sanitizer after touching surfaces that are in public contact.

Run Stop-Toko Campaign Effectively
Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh has also directed in the order that to protect against Covid-19 through departmental vehicles and other means, masks, social distancing and other messages related to roco-to-co must be circulated.


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