To overcome the shortage of life-saving oxygen for corona patients, the four nitrogen tankers handed over to the state government in April by the Animal Husbandry Department have returned to the department. These tankers played an important role in bringing oxygen from oxygen plants of other states during the peak times of Corona.

Controller, Food and Drug Administration P. Narahari has said that these tankers were handed over to the Public Health and Family Welfare Department to ensure availability of liquid medical oxygen during the Corona crisis. Medical oxygen demand and supply has become normal in the present circumstances. It has been said that the tankers are expected to be properly maintained so that the dire situations arising out of the possible third wave of corona can be dealt with full capacity.

It is noteworthy that these nitrogen tankers are used by the State Livestock and Poultry Development Corporation in all the districts of the state for semen dose protection for artificial insemination of cattle breeds. Due to being immersed in nitrogen, these doses do not spoil for 20 to 50 years. Semen doses are preserved in nitrogen at a temperature of -196 °C. No raw material is required to make nitrogen produced by Poultry Development Corporation. The atmosphere consists of 78 percent nitrogen. Being capable of producing nitrogen, these tankers have been considered suitable for carrying oxygen.


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