Preparations have started for the construction of a 125 km long six-lane highway between Agra and Gwalior. Under the Bharat Mala Project of the Central Government, the National Highways Authority of India has now taken the Morena-Gwalior Highway on priority. Two bypasses will be made for Sixlane Highway coming out of Morena and Banmore city. This project will cost around 2500 crores. NHAI has sent a proposal to appoint a consultant for Sixlane Highway.

Let us inform here that the number of vehicles passing through National Highway-3 has increased by one and a half times. Earlier the capacity of the highway was 20,000 passenger car units. Which has now increased to 36000 passenger car units. Therefore, to upgrade the four-lane highway to six-lane, the National Highways Authority of India has taken this project on priority after two years. NH Gwalior has sent a proposal for the appointment of a consultant to prepare the detail project report for Sixlane Highway to the Headquarters New Delhi on Friday. Two years ago, the DPR of this project was prepared by the Pentagon Solution Company of Jaipur.

8-lane toll plaza to be built on Karua
In the Sixlane Highway project, the Chhunda toll plaza will also be shifted outside the municipal limits. According to the planning, it will be taken from Chonda to Karua in future. After the formation of six lane highway, the lanes of Chonda toll plaza will also increase from 5 to 8-8. At present, there is a situation of jam at the toll plaza due to less number of exit lanes for vehicles. Along with this, the city will also provide relief to those people, who are currently having to pay toll tax for commuting till Karua village.

Land of farmers of 30 villages will be acquired, there will be a boom in property

Morena’s six lane highway project has come on priority in the Bharat Mala project of the Centre. In this, the land of farmers of 30 villages will be taken. Broadly speaking, the rates of roadside lands in Morena village area are running at Rs 5 crore per hectare and in Jaura Khurd area at Rs 4 crore per hectare. Between Morena-Gwalior, 16 to 18 thousand vehicles pass daily through the four lane. Due to the increase in the load of vehicles, long distance vehicles get stuck in the jam, which leads to delay in transportation.

If the bypass is built, it will be diverted from Nivi to Banmore, six lane
After the construction of a six-lane bridge on the Asan river, the new highway will join the four-lane on NH-3 near Shukla Petrol Pump. A high bridge will also be built for the Sixlane Highway in Banmore. Six lane highway starting from Piprai and passing through Gharauna temple, Hingona Khurd, Nivi, Hasai Mevda, Morena village, Maharishi Vidya Mandir on Jaura Road, Jauri Mauja, Khaneta of Jaura Khurd Mauja, Silaitha of Jaura Tehsil area, Dompura of Morena Tehsil, Dabipura of Mouja While passing Asan will reach the river. NHAI needs 177 hectares of land for the six-lane highway. In this, 145 hectares of land will be taken by farmers and 32.021 hectares of government land will be used.


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