Tribute to last Tomar king of Gwalior, ‘Shaho Ka Shah’ Ramshah Tomar on his 445th death anniversary. He and his 3 sons; Shalivahan, Pratap & Bhavani Singh Tomar sacrificed their life in the Haldighati battle, along with many Tomar clansmen of Gwalior.

Ramshah Tomar (born Ramsingh Tomar) was the last Tomara king of Gwalior. Owing to his valour, Udai Singh gave him the title of “Shaho Ka Shah” and also married one of his daughter to Ramshah’s son Shalivahan Singh Tomar.

After being defeated by Akbar in Gwalior, he continued offering resistance to mughals from his maternal home Mewar and later on died fighting in the Battle of Haldighati.


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