In Madhya Pradesh, which was the first to make law on love jihad, the police is not listening to the complaint of pressurizing for conversion. This allegation is of a Gwalior woman, who is sitting on a dharna with her husband and children at the tomb of Rani of Jhansi against the University Police Station. The victim says that ten years ago she married a Muslim youth without converting. He has three children. The in-laws threw her out of the house along with the children for not converting her religion.

The case is of Saraswati Nagar of University area of ​​Gwalior. Victim Madhu Batham says that about 10 years ago she fell in love with Bittu Khan. Both broke the bond of religion and got married. At that time it was decided that Bittu Khan would convert his religion and marry Madhu according to Hindu customs. So did happen.

The marriage took place and after that they both had 3 children. Bittu Khan changed his religion, but he never asked Madhu to leave Hindu beliefs and adopt the Muslim religion of her husband. But this thing was bothering the family members of Bittu from the beginning. Many times he insisted for conversion.

If religion does not change, then thrown out of the house
Madhu Batham alleges that Bittu’s elder brother Titu Khan, his wife Reshma, Jeth Bhaiya Khan, his wife Saina, mother-in-law Anisha Begum, brother-in-law Goli, sister-in-law Reena, Nandoi Nadeem and younger sister-in-law Nisha Khan for converting religion continuously for many years. harassing her. In the married life of 10 years, Madhu faced threats from the in-laws to abuse, assault as well as rape. But, did not give up faith in Hinduism. Angered by this, the in-laws threw Madhu, her husband Bittu and the children out of the house two days ago.

Madhu alleged that when the police reached the station, they were threatened over the phone. There was a threat that if she complained, she would have to lose her life along with her husband and children. When the police force reached to drop him home, even in his presence there were abuses and threats. Despite this, no concrete action has been taken against the accused. Frustrated, the woman, children along with her husband, Rani Lakshmi Bai has sat on a dharna at the Samadhi site. On knowing this, the police officers reached there and assured him of justice.

There has been a complaint about being thrown out of the house

A complaint has been made by a woman, she has been married for 10 years. She has been thrown out of the house along with her husband, children by the in-laws. Complaint has been received and action is being taken.

-Hitika Vasal, ASP, Gwalior


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