The strategy adopted for the control of corona infection with public participation in Madhya Pradesh has yielded very positive results. Corona is completely under control in the state as of today. The corona infection has come down to almost zero due to the resolute efforts of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and the participation of the people of the state in infection control. In order to save the people of the state from the possible third wave of corona, Chief Minister Chouhan has decided to conduct a campaign for vaccination with all concrete arrangements. A public awareness campaign will be launched for vaccination from June 21 in the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan has appealed for the participation of all sections in the vaccination public awareness campaign, which will start from June 21. Chief Minister Chouhan said that all ministers, MPs, MLAs, representatives of urban and rural areas, district, block, village and ward level crisis management committees, MP Jan-Abhiyan Parishad, various social organizations and social workers including corona volunteers will play an active role. Chief Minister Chouhan said that our aim is to provide protection to the people from corona by completing 100 percent vaccination of the target group of the state.

Interaction with three level Crisis Management Groups

To break the chain of corona infection in the state, the way Madhya Pradesh has presented an example of public participation in the entire country, on the same lines, public participation is being mobilized for vaccination as well. In this sequence, on June 17, before the Jan-Jagran Abhiyan, Chief Minister Chouhan virtually addressed the members of the district, block and village level Crisis Management Groups regarding vaccination. Chief Minister Chouhan, in his address, inspired all the members to take an active role in the vaccination campaign. He said that the way Crisis Management Groups participated in preventing corona infection, today the whole nation is seeing the happy results of it. Now is the time to provide safety cover to the people of the state for future. Chief Minister Chouhan said that all sections should join hands and set an example in the vaccination campaign being started in the interest of the people of the state.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the work of vaccination is going on in all the districts of the state. Innovations have also been made for vaccination in many districts. In many districts including Bhopal district, people have also been vaccinated through drive-ins. Separate arrangements were also made to vaccinate challenged people. In rural areas, the villagers were not only vaccinated by the Corona Volunteers, but also agreed the villagers to vaccinate by dispelling the rumors spread regarding the vaccine. Chief Minister Chouhan said that adequate availability of vaccine is being ensured in the state. The full cooperation from the Central Government is also being obtained in this.

Seven thousand vaccine centres

For the Vaccination Maha Abhiyan, 7 thousand centres have been set up in the state. The centres have been selected keeping in mind the approachability and convenience of the citizens. All the centres will be inaugurated by the enlightened persons of the society. Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan will launch the campaign from some districts on the starting day of the Maha Abhiyan. Along with this, in other districts, litterateurs, religious leaders, prominent people of religious and social organizations, educationists and enlightened people of the media world, including the enlightened citizens of the district, will inspire people by launching campaigns in their respective areas. The people coming to the vaccination centre will be welcomed by applying tilak along with vaccination and will also be made aware of covid friendly behavior and precautions.

Public participation in the campaign has already started

The work of increasing public participation has started in the districts of the state for the vaccine that provides protection against the infection of Covid-19. Public awareness camps were organized in Gram Panchayat Dhanela, Kharagpur, Gulendra and Churhela of Morena district. In the camps, the officials went door-to-door and invited the villagers to get vaccinated by giving yellow rice and appealed that on the day of the campaign, they must come to the vaccination centre and get the vaccination done. Villagers became happy after getting yellow rice; they said that till now invitations were given in marriages by giving yellow rice, which is also considered as an auspicious message. The villagers accepted this unique invitation of the district administration and agreed to get the vaccine.

Public awareness for the mega campaign

Various publicity mediums are being used to bring awareness among the general public for the vaccination mega drive. Modern social and digital media have also been included in these publicity media along with traditional wall writing. Besides, people are being made aware about the vaccine through dialogue in urban and rural areas. On the day of Maha Abhiyan, photos and videos of people who will be vaccinated will also be uploaded on social media as inspiration. The target of the state government is that 10 lakh people will be vaccinated on the day of the Vaccination Maha Abhiyan.


Control rooms will be set up at the state and district levels to supervise all the activities of the commencement day of the vaccination mega drive, in which adequate number of human resources and media will be arranged. A vehicle-borne zonal officer will be appointed for every four to five vaccination centrers, who will supervise all the activities of the vaccination campaign by visiting the centres of his charge. The zonal officers appointed for supervision will be constantly in touch with the district level control room and will report every hour.


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