Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya is an all-girls’ residential school – located in Gwalior- a historical city of Madhya Pradesh. About 300 Km south of Delhi, it is well connected with all major cities of the country .

The school was founded by Late Rajmata of Gwalior Srimant Vijaya Raje Scindia in 1956 with a view to educating the girl child in the context of newly independent India. It embodies her dream of providing progressive modern education and equipping young girls to be good citizens. Inaugurated by the then President of India, H E Dr Rajendra Prasad, the school took off on its mission to stay grounded to roots of tradition and to take wing in the exhilarating air of freedom.

The entry level class at SKV is standard VI. In today’s competitive world, the need of the hour is to reduce the stress level of the students and at the same time increase their creativity. The school tries to develop in our students the ability to ‘create’ as against ‘copy’ by providing an experiential learning curriculum in the formative years. It not only enhances their learning potentials but also brings them to the center stage of learning. It facilitates the students taking charge of their own learning as well as making the content relevant to them.

The school is affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education New Delhi. The medium of instruction is English. The subjects taught at +2 level include English, Hindi, Sanskrit, History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Painting, Music -Vocal as well as Instrumental, Dance- Kathak and Manipuri style, Psychology, Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Bio-Tech, Home Science, C++, Web Page Media, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics and Entrepreneurship. The school follows a system of CCE – Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation for classes VI – X where student’s performance is assessed throughout the academic session on the basis of Formative and Summative assessments.

School has an annual Dharohar festival. 2016 was on Sikkim Heritage. U see Face masks or ‘Baks’ depicting Gods, Goddesses n animals. And the Prayer Wheel or ‘Dharam Chakra’ were created & painted in the Thangka tradition by school students during the Shrimant Madhav Rao Scindia Dharohar Festival.
Theme of the 2015 festival was ‘Khatam Bandh Talav’-An art of making wooden ceilings without nails. It is a unique but dying art of Kashmir that was promoted and revived during the Dharohar festival themed on Kashmir Heritage. Girls from numerous schools across the country researched about the art-form & created samples for this unique competition.
Organic Farming in school premises. Student are involved as are workers.
Main school building. Students sitting on lawns, reading time. Since I visited in January good weather to sit out. School has 500 students, all of whom stay on the school premises. It is a C.B.S.E. school that opened on October 28, 1956.
Concept design Academic Block that is displayed close to main school building. Besides education school focuses on knowledge of Indian Heritage and inculcating Community Service.
Pranams Goddess Saraswati, “The presiding deity of learning, aesthetics and creativity. The essence of the concept of Saraswati is in the power that provides the insight for facilitating the application of fundamental knowledge, to make it useful for all.”
Pranams to the founder of Scindia Kanya Vidyalaya H.H. Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia (1919 to 2001). It was to meet the need for an all-rounded education stressing on Indian values, religion and culture that Rajmata founded this school. Today it has Project Sankalp, One Understanding Several Outcomes where the aim is to inculcate a strong sense of community service in students.
Here they speak about the root cause of the problem. Presentation content excellent, perfect coordination between students. Sankalp aims to improve their state of sanitation and contribute in raising entrepreneurial jobs in the surrounding region.
Overview of auditorium, all listening to attentively.
Hanuman Mandir in school premises, been there for years. Important part of school.
Behind the main school building is the running ground. Centre of pic is clock with bell.
School has a Gym. First time seen a tree as part of the gym. Nice facility.
Sanitary Napkins making facility, brand is SANKALP. Process starts with tearing raw-cotton sheets & mixing with binding cotton in a Mixer Jar etc. It is being manufactured at Jarga village, on outskirts of Gwalior. Team targets to achieve unbroken supply of napkins to 250 women in Jarga.
Class ten students. A team of SKV girl students & teachers have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness about use & disposal of sanitary napkins. Village ladies started selling napkins, enhanced income improved standard of living and increased aspirations.
Names of School Head Girl 1957 to 1984. Rajmata Vijaya Raje Scindia got her daughters to study here too. Usha Raje Scindia was head girl during 1958-59. Students too coming out with new ideas on how to help village women and their kids.
Children practicing tabla.
School has a huge dining hall. Very clean. Loved the snacks they served me.
At entrance of Maharaja Jiwa Ji Rao Scindia Hall is where I saw his bust. Well made. Loved the energy on his face.
Hostels for the girls. Saw new ones being made too.
Lovely tennis courts. Since gate was locked and short of time clicked as is. I loved the energy levels in the school, very good vibrations.

Pictures by Sanjeev Nayya/eSamskriti


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