In a bid to completely protect the people of the state from Corona infection, a vaccination campaign will be launched in Madhya Pradesh on June 21. The target is to vaccinate 10 lakh people on the first day of the campaign. To achieve the target, 7 thousand vaccination centers have been set up in 52 districts of the state. Preparations for the vaccination programme starting from 10 am have been completed. A festive atmosphere will be created at all the vaccine centers, in which the person who comes to get vaccinated will be welcomed with a tilak and the bytes will be publicized in social media. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has appealed to all sections to come forward through self-motivation to make the massive vaccination campaign a success for the safety of human life. Due to the touching appeal of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, all sections of the state have unitedly come forward. Cabinet members including the Chief Minister, MPs, MLAs, heads of various social organizations including public representatives of urban and rural areas, religious leaders, litterateurs, intellectuals and dignitaries have started appealing people to get vaccinated from their respective areas to inspire people.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has been virtually interacting with different sections for the last one week in order to make the vaccination campaign a success. He is also reviewing the arrangements for vaccination along with the officials of the administrative and health departments. In this sequence, the members of the State Cabinet are also motivating people with arrangements in their respective districts.

Effective strategy made for vaccination campaign

Vaccination will start at 7 thousand vaccine centers simultaneously on the first day of the campaign. Prominent persons will be present at each center in the form of vaccination motivators. Motivators will well-known personalities of the society such as ministers, legislators, other public representatives, members of the Crisis Management Groups, religious leaders, social workers, artists, sports persons, litterateurs, journalists, analysts, Padma award winning teachers and officials. Vaccination motivators invited in the massive campaign will inaugurate the programme by lighting the lamp and will welcome people coming to get vaccinated by applying tilak on their forehead.

Participation of all sections is being ensured in the grand campaign. Video campaign with appeals to the public by celebrities invited as vaccine motivators will be released on social media a day before the campaign. To ensure public participation in the vaccination campaign, all ministers, MPs, MLAs, public representatives of urban and rural areas, district, block, village and ward level Crisis Management Committees, MP Jan-Abhiyan Parishad, Corona Volunteers, religious leaders, various social organizations and social workers have been added.

Arrangement made at centres to take selfies along with tea and water

Arrangements for tea, water and seating have also been ensured at the vaccination centres. Video bytes of the people who come to the center to get vaccinated will be taken and it will be circulated on social media. Selfie points have also been made at the centres. In order to connect the people in the vaccination campaign, publicity is being done continuously through various means of communication, print, electronic and social media. Vaccination has been done in all 51 thousand villages of the state.

Control rooms will be set up in each district

A control room has been set up in each district, in which the day-long vaccination work will be monitored. The tagline of the poster for the Vaccination Maha Abhiyan is ‘Sabko vaccine, free vaccine, Modi ji ko dhanyawad’. Songs in local language have been composed to inspire people to vaccination. Vaccination information will be given in rural areas by beating drums. The voice message of the Chief Minister’s appeal to get vaccination will be sent on mobile. At the local level, groups of workers will visit people’s homes and motivate them for vaccination. Oath will be administered to the people present at the vaccination centers to get themselves vaccinated and to motivate others to get vaccinated.

Campaign to continue

The vaccination campaign will continue even after June 21. Vaccination centers will be shifted to other places from the places where the vaccination is completed. More than one lakh registered Corona Volunteers will play an active role in the campaign to create public awareness about Corona. A three-day vaccination campaign will be launched again on July 1. In this, awareness tours will be taken out to motivate the common man.


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