Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan in his message to the people of the state has said that vaccine is the most effective weapon against corona pandemics. Those who get both doses of the vaccine will either not get corona and even if they do, they will get well soon.  It is certified by scientists and experts from all over the world.  Do not be under any kind of confusion about the vaccine and get both the doses of the vaccine in the stipulated time period.  Get yourself vaccinated and inspire others to get vaccinated as well.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that on June 21, from 10 AM onwards, a campaign for vaccination is being started in the state.  A target has been set to vaccinate more than 10 lakh people on the first day itself at 7 thousand centers set up for vaccination in the state.  In the month of June, more than 50 lakh people will be given corona vaccine and by the end of this year every person in the state will be protected by getting the vaccine. Vaccination is the top priority of the government.

 Chief Minister Chouhan has appealed to all sections of the society including intellectuals, public representatives, social workers, religious leaders to motivate people to get vaccinated.  They go to the vaccination center and act as motivators.  The youth should go door-to-door to invite people for the vaccine and help in bringing them to the vaccination centres.  Also, help in making arrangements at the vaccination centers.

 The second wave in the state is almost over

Chief Minister Chouhan said that the second wave of corona in Madhya Pradesh is almost over.  75 to 80 thousand tests are being done daily in the state, out of which about 110 corona positives are coming out every day.  The state’s positivity rate has gone down  to 0.15% and the recovery rate has reached 99%.  The number of active cases has come down to 2400.

 Virus exists, crisis not over

 Chief Minister Chouhan said that though the corona infection is almost over, markets have opened, life has returned to normal and economic activities are increasing, but the virus is still present, the crisis is not over.  Don’t be restless under any circumstances.  In many countries of the world, the third wave and in some places the fourth wave has also come.  Thus, there is a need to be very cautious.

 Congratulations to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi

 Chief Minister Chouhan said that I heartily congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi for taking up the work of Corona vaccination in his own hands.  The vaccination campaign in India was shattered.  The vaccination campaign was taken up by the Central Government on demand by the State Governments.  Now there is availability of vaccines in sufficient quantities and in future also the vaccine will continue to be available.

Three measures to control corona

 Chief Minister Chouhan said that there are mainly three measures to control corona.  First, arrangements are made by the government, second, corona friendly behavior by all of you and third, vaccines.  The government is making all arrangements to prevent and fight the third wave.  More and more tests are being done and those coming in positive are being isolated and treated, contact tracing is being done and micro-containment areas are being created where there are infections.  The number of beds in hospitals is being increased, oxygen arrangements, medicines are being arranged.  Health services are being strengthened more and more.

Chief Minister Chouhan said that to prevent infection, it is absolutely necessary for everyone to behave in a corona Appropriate manner, it is necessary to wear masks, keep distance, and wash hands frequently.  Along with this, getting good sleep, and performing Yoga and meditation will be helpful

‘Teeka bhi Aur Jeene Ka Saleeka Bhi’

Chief Minister Chouhan said that if everyone gets vaccinated against Corona and do Covid appropriate behaviour, then we will definitely be saved from the third wave of Corona. Let us adopt the mantra ‘Teeka Bhi aur Jeene Ka Saleeka Bhi’. If you all cooperate fully, then everyone’s life will also be saved and the world will also go on.


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