The enthusiasm of the people regarding the vaccine is at its peak on the International Yoga Day in Gwalior. Maybe even wanting a reward. This is the reason that vaccination started at 7 in the morning like voting for any election. In the first one hour, more than 3 thousand people had already got the vaccine. Those who had to get the vaccine definitely had to be worried, because it had only a few centers in the city. Those who got the second dose of the vaccine were very happy.

29-year-old Narendra Sharma, living in Tyagi Nagar, Murar, is also an employee of the electricity company. He also took the second dose of the vaccine on Monday. After the vaccine, he has said that this is the last option for Corona. Feeling safe now. He tells that in the second wave, he has seen many friends and relatives dying in agony. So now be fully prepared and alert.

Everyone should be installed, understand that the danger is not averted

34-year-old Rashmi Goyal, a resident of Chik Santar in Murar, has also taken the second dose of the vaccine. He has got Covaccine. When she reached Murar district hospital to get the vaccine, she saw that there were all arrangements from drinking water to sitting. After getting the vaccine, he told that everyone should get the vaccine. At the same time, it should be understood that the danger is not over yet. Now that he has got both the doses of the vaccine, then he is at ease. Along with this, it was told that the first thing he saw in the morning after getting up in the morning was whether the vaccine was being administered in Murar Hospital or not. When Murar’s name was in the list of covaccine, the tension reduced.
It’s too late but got it installed now, I know the third wave will come

36-year-old Satish Pal, a resident of Alpana Talkies in suburban Murar, has also got the vaccine administered at the center at Government Higher High School number-1 at 7.40 am on Monday. When asked why the vaccine had not been administered yet. He said that it is late. But now it’s installed. I know the third wave will come. If there is a vaccine, then the damage will be less.
More than 3 thousand people arrived in the first one hour

In Gwalior district, more than 3 thousand people had got the vaccine for the first one hour between 7 am and 8 pm. There were 300 centers in which coveshield was being installed everywhere. Covaccine is also being installed at 15 of these centres. That’s why only those who got the dose of Covaccine have had some problem.

Covaccine on these setters

Vaccine is being administered at 300 centers in the district on Monday, but out of these, 285 centers have a target of 69 thousand doses of Kovidshield vaccine. If someone wants to get the vaccine, then he can reach these 15 centers.
Laxmiganj (MH) Centre, Sanjeevani Clinic Ideal Mile Road, UPHC Nimbaji Ki Khoh, Pandit Deendayal Center Ladheri, Janakganj Navia Mata Mandir Centre, Civil Hospital Hazira, GYMC CAT Centre, Murar District Hospital, Thatipur Dispensary, Jiwaji University Center-1 and Center-2, Hemsingh’s Parade Center-1, Nimbaji’s Lair Center, Hemsingh’s Parade Ayurvedic Medicine, Hemsingh’s Parade Dispensary will be vaccinated.

Prize will be given in lucky draw on Tuesday

On International Yoga Day on Monday, you can get a TV, freeze, washing machine, mobile or any other product as a reward for those who get vaccinated. By Monday night, the data of those who will get the vaccine will be called from the vaccination center and the names of 50 people will be drawn in the lucky draw on June 22 (Tuesday). Those who will get TV, Freeze, Washing Machine and other items as gifts.
Vaccine is being taken after carrying this document

Aadhar card has been given the highest priority for vaccination
Voter ID Card
pancard card
driving license
can bring a copy of the passport


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