Energy Minister and district’s Covid in-charge, Pradhuman Singh Tomar, while inaugurating the vaccination campaign at Committee Hall, Kanchmil, said that the vaccination campaign is being run in the state and the district. Everyone has a role in this great campaign. Vaccination is the only protection against corona. We must get vaccinated to keep ourselves and our family safe. Touching the feet of the elderly woman who came to get vaccinated, urged her to motivate the neighbors including her entire family to get vaccinated.
In the great campaign of vaccination, vaccination was launched by Seva Bharati Sanstha at Committee Hall, Kanchmil from 6.30 am. The vaccination was done with great enthusiasm by the citizens of the area. The members of Seva Bharti Sanstha gave a message that if you want to avoid infection of Covid-19, then you must get vaccination. Along with this, work has to be done by following the mask and the distance of two yards. Members of the organization including Indrapurkar, Naval Kishore, Swaraj Mathur, Parankush Sharma, Dinesh Sharma, Sandeepa Malhotra, Rachna Jain were present on this occasion.

Energy Minister Tomar said that I bow to doctors, nurses, police administration, district administration and municipal and social institutions. Due to these, we have overcome the corona infection in the second wave very soon. To prevent the third wave from coming further, we have to do our work by following the vaccination, mask and distance of two yards. He also appealed to the local citizens present that you should motivate the general public for vaccination in your neighborhood.

Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh administered the oath to everyone on the occasion of the vaccination campaign that vaccination is the only way to prevent corona, we will all get it done. Also explain to everyone that Covid 19 disease is fatal. Prevention of death and dangers due to this is possible only with the Covid-19 vaccine. This vaccine is safe and harmless. Let us all come together to make the Covid 19 vaccination campaign a success.


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