A group of RTI activists who had been investigating anomalies in MBBS admissions are baffled over replies and excuses that authorities at Gwalior’s Gajra Raja Medical College had been giving on their perusal for documents of students which they suspect have used fake domiciles.

First they said the documents have been seized by CBI, then they said the clerk who was handling it has been arrested by CBI, and then they said the clerk who was handling in committed suicide inside the room where the documents were kept and it’s now haunted by his ghost and they are scared of opening the locks,” says Pankaj Jain, health care activists. Jain said he had been trying to get those documents for over the last three years.

“It has come to our notice that the Gajra Raja Medical College (Gwalior) has lost all records of several batches of students who graduated with MBBS and MS degrees. Another activist had sought admission records for the 1994 MBBS batch at the college through RTI, while he was investigating irregularities in MBBS admission during the period. That time several persons from outside Madhya Pradesh had gained admission in the MPPMT quota,” Jain informed.

Our co-activist filed the RTI in September 2018. The Gajra Raja Medical College refused to provide that information stating that they could not find any record pertaining to the 1994 MBBS batch. “Our co-activist continued to pursue this matter over the course of 2.5 years – through first appeal and several rounds of correspondence with the college. He was even asked to provide a letter to the college stating that he had no intention of harming the reputation of the college.

However, the college did not provide that sought information even after his providing that letter” he said. “He had to finally approach the State Information Commission where there were four hearings in this matter. However, the college is yet to provide the sought information,” Jain added.

Activists claim that this is a matter of grave concern because of two reasons. Firstly, seats in a government medical college are limited and highly sought after, therefore, such records have to be preserved so that any irregularities in the admission process can be probed. Secondly, it is critical to have a mechanism to verify the medical qualifications of the doctors.


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