After the corona infection, things are slowly getting unlocked. In the same episode, the Gwalior zoo has been opened for the common people for almost 2 months now. Corona infection had increased. Due to this, like other parts of the country, Gwalior’s zoo was also closed for tourists. Now the effect of corona is very less and normal life is back on track. In view of this, public places and tourist places are also being opened for common tourists with all precautions.
A large number of tourists were also seen as soon as the zoo was opened for the common tourists. The tourists reached the zoo to see the animals.

It is necessary to follow covid rules
However, following the protocol has been made mandatory for all tourists. Along with this, the number of one has also been fixed so that social distancing is followed. Tourists must follow the Kovid rules. In such a situation, no one will be allowed to enter the zoo without a mask. Along with this, the rule of physical distance will also have to be followed. Actually, according to experts, the danger of corona has definitely reduced but not completely eliminated. Therefore it will be necessary to follow the Kovid rules.

Children’s center
The zoo in Gwalior remains the center of special attraction for the children. When the lockdown was announced after the spread of corona infection, the zoo was also closed. After this all the institutions opened with the introduction of unlock.

Tourists come from far and wide
In Gwalior Zoo, people from not only Gwalior but also from the surrounding areas reach to roam in large numbers.
Talking to the family who came to visit the zoo, our correspondent said that now they are happy that they are feeling good if they have got a chance to enjoy outside the house.


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