A target has been set by the Gwalior Co-operative Milk Federation to collect an average of 40 thousand kilograms of milk per day under Gwalior and Chambal divisions in the current financial year, which is almost two times that of the previous financial year. Last year, on an average, 20 thousand 18 kg milk was collected every day.
According to the information received from the milk union, during the current financial year 2021-22, an average target of 545 kg milk collection has been set in Gwalior district, 3 thousand 307 in Datia and 3 thousand 351 kg in Shivpuri district during the current financial year 2021-22. Similarly, 12 thousand 33 kg per day in Bhind district of Chambal division, 12 thousand 602 kg in Morena. And in Sheopur district on an average 8 thousand 162 kg. The target is to store milk daily.

In the last financial year, an average of 280 kg in Gwalior district of Gwalior division by the Gwalior Co-operative Milk Federation. Daily, one thousand 688 kg in Datia. And in Shivpuri district on an average one thousand 711 kg. Milk was collected daily. During the last financial year in Morena district of Chambal division, an average of 6 thousand 142 kg per day, 6 thousand 432 in Morena and 4 thousand 165 kg in Sheopur district. The milk was stored by the Milk Union.

It is to be known that under Gwalior Co-operative Milk Federation, there are a total of 228 milk societies and milk collection centers in Gwalior division, which is targeted to be increased to 276 in the current year. Similarly, 256 committees and milk collection centers were functioning in Chambal division last year, which will be increased to 348 this year.


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