Gwalior city is recognized as a historical city and this city has got this status from its historical heritage and their architecture. With the aim of getting the status of this historic city recognized on the world map, continuous efforts are being made by Gwalior Smart City Corporation. Under the Façade Lighting Project, the heritage architecture of Gwalior is now being illuminated with state-of-the-art lighting effects to make it an eye-catcher at night. Under this project, the outer wall of Gwalior Fort along with the historical buildings of the city is to be illuminated with lighting. Presently this work is being tested and has become a topic of discussion among the residents.

Giving information, Smart City CEO Jayati Singh said that while the development works are being done by Smart City keeping in view the basic needs of the people of the city, many works are in progress for the purpose of giving the city a distinct identity in the tourism map. Singh informed that under the Façade Lighting Project by Smart City, work is being done to illuminate the outer parts of the historical buildings of the city with state-of-the-art lighting system. State-of-the-art lighting is to be installed on the wall. This lighting system is being installed in Warm Heritage Lighting on the lines of the historical buildings of Jaipur, Delhi, so that the historical heritage of the city can get a different identity. Singh explained that the effects of lighting have been designed by a team of experts including architects, engineers, historians, and each crack and arch of the building is illuminated with special lighting and shadow lighting, before illuminating the city’s heritage with state-of-the-art lighting. The test was also done to check the effect. This project was started in the month of March, under which the work of SBI building in Maharaj Bada has already been completed but due to the second wave of corona virus and lockdown restrictions, there was a problem in getting the material, but now at a fast pace. The work is dynamic and soon the people of the city will be able to see the beauty of the heritage of their city in a different way.


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