Effectively speed up the Ankur campaign to cover Gwalior city with green cover and enrich the environment with vitality. Under the campaign, one lakh saplings should be planted by the month of July with the participation of all. Prepare a program of tree plantation on the hills and vacant places around the city. To this effect, Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh was reviewing the preparations for plantation to be done in Gwalior district under the “Ankur Abhiyan”. He said that various social and voluntary organizations should be specially partnered to carry out the proposed plantation effectively in the city.

In a meeting held in the Collectorate’s auditorium here on Wednesday, Collector Kaushalendra Vikram Singh made a strong arrangement for the protection of every plant and plant saplings. Targets for various departments were also set in the meeting. A target has been given to plant 50 thousand saplings by the Forest Department, 25 thousand to the Municipal Corporation, 7 thousand to other urban bodies of the district and 5 thousand to the School Education Department. Apart from these, other departments will also take part in plantation. Along with this, there is a target of large-scale plantation on a private scale as well.

District Panchayat Chief Executive Officer Kishor Kanyal said in the meeting that under the Ankur Abhiyan, people should be motivated for private plantation. He said that any person can join this campaign by downloading “Vayudoot App” from Google Play Store and registering on it. So far one thousand 73 people have registered for plantation in the district through this app. Participants have to plant at least one sapling from their own resource and upload its photo on the app. After one month of plantation, the photo of that plant has to be uploaded again on the app.

Additional Chief Executive Officer of District Panchayat Dr. Vijay Dubey, Project Officer of District Panchayat Smt. Usha Sharma and officers of various departments were present in the meeting.

Pranavayu Award will be given to the winners who do good plantation
Ankur Abhiyan has been started by the state government with the aim of increasing the green area and making the state prosperous with clean environment and vitality. Under which the district wise selected winners, who plant and take care of fruit-bearing and shady trees, will be honored with the Chief Minister’s Pranavayu Award. The winners will be 50 percent men and 50 percent women. Similarly, half of the awards will be for rural and half for urban areas.

Plantation can be done here
Plantation can be done in the courtyard of the house, government, non-government land, community places. Before planting saplings, the participant has to take consent from the concerned land owner. The society or state government will be the first entitled to future benefits from plantation done at government and community sites. This condition will not apply to private land. By planting saplings, the participant will not have any right of ownership of the said land. Participants will be entitled only to the potential prize of the Contest. Interested participants will have to choose the site and tree species and protect the plant themselves.


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