A security guard took the life of an innocent in the posh area of ​​Gwalior. He was annoyed by the dog’s barking. He brutally killed the dog by beating him with a stick. Not only this, the guard dog’s body was thrown into the bushes. When the incident came to light, the pet lovers first took out the CCTV footage of the entire incident and then complained to the Jhansi Road police station.

When the security guard was brought to the police station, the pet lovers entered the police station in front of the police and beat up the accused with punches. Videos of dog killing and assaulting the accused in the police station have gone viral on social media since Wednesday morning.

In fact, Sanjay Verma, a security guard posted in Harishankar Puram area, did not like the repeated growling and barking of a dog from the colony. When Sanjay reached the colony on Tuesday evening, the small dog started barking at him. On this, he took a stick from a woman standing there and broke down on the dog. He hit her several times with sticks in her mouth, due to which she died there in agony. After this, the accused hanged the dog by the leg and threw it into the bushes.

Incident caught on CCTV camera

Pets lovers reached the spot as soon as they got information about the incident, got the footage removed from the CCTV camera installed near the incident site. In the CCTV footage, guard Sanjay was seen beating Bejuban with a stick. After this the pet lovers reached the Jhansi Road police station and filed a case against the accused guard Sanjay. After registering the case, the police called the accused Sanjay to the police station.

Pets lovers beat up the accused in the police station

During this, when the accused guard reached Sanjay police station, the anger of the pet lovers broke out. Pets lovers youths and girls started beating the accused Sanjay. He was beaten with slaps, slippers and kicks and punches. Seeing the accused being beaten up, the soldiers of Jhansi Road police station ran to save them. Somehow, the police took the accused out of the possession of the angry people and took them inside the police station. TI Jhansi Road Police Station Mirza Asif Baig says that a case has been registered against the accused. The post-mortem of the dog’s body has been done.


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