Gwalior. In the case of assault in the police station with the rape victim, the High Court has ordered to register an FIR against the accused TI and female SI. With this, the court has commented on the police that it is not trustworthy and the case should be investigated by the CBI. With this, the court has ordered the transfer of ASP and CSP out of Chambal.

What was the matter?

A minor used to work in the house of Ganga Singh Bhadauria in CP Colony here. While working, she also lived in his house. Ganga Singh’s grandson Arvind Bhadauria and one of his friends committed misdeeds. The victim had complained about this to the CM helpline, after which the police have registered a case of rape against Aditya’s friend. But under the pressure of the accused’s grandfather Ganga Singh Bhadauria, the police started torturing the victim herself. The victim said that she and her parents were beaten up overnight at the police station with a broom and a stick. He accused TI Murar Ajay Pawar, SI Kirti Upadhyay of beating up.

The victim filed a petition in the High Court, in which she said that when the Murar police station reached the police with a complaint, on the contrary, the police started harassing the minor. Illegally held the victim hostage, tampered with evidence. He was beaten and pressured to change the statement.

The court had given its verdict in the case on Wednesday, which said that the police did not act against the accused but the police continued to torture the victim and her family. Police officers ranging from female sub-inspector to ASP level continued to influence the matter at the behest of the accused’s grandfather Ganga Singh Bhadauria. There is a flaw in the police investigation. A fair investigation into the matter is necessary.

What will happen after the court order:

-ASP city Suman Gurjar helped the accused, his role will be investigated. Court ordered to be sent out of the zone.

-CSP RN Pachauri helped the accused, misled the court. The court ordered that they should also be transferred out of the zone.

The role of Preeti Bhargava, in-charge of Sarol police station, will be investigated. The case was sent from Marar police station to his police station.

Murar police station TI Ajay Pawar and Sub Inspector Kirti Upadhyay kept the minor in the police station illegally, both of them should be booked.


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