Through social media, a case of blackmailing the girl in the name of modeling by trapping her in her own words has come to the fore. Gwalior Police made a strategy and called the accused to Gwalior and arrested him. The accused has been sent to jail but before that the accused had uploaded the edited videos of the girl on the internet.

How girls are trapped by blackmailers
A girl living in Hazira police station area has filed a case of cheating against Ravi Kiran Desai, a resident of Satara, Maharashtra. According to police sources, in her complaint, the girl told that she had met Ravi Kiran Desai through social media. During the chat, Desai praised her beauty and inspired her to do modelling. Ravi Desai also told that he has very good contacts in Bollywood.

how girls are blackmailed after video call
When the girl started trusting him, he started talking on video call through a mobile application. During this, he recorded the video of the girl and made her video objectionable by editing. After this the accused started blackmailing the girl. The accused had demanded ₹ 500000 from the girl. The edited video was threatened to be uploaded on the Internet if the money was not paid. The girl gave him ₹ 20000 and asked to delete the video but the accused uploaded her videos on the internet.

How to arrest the accused sitting hundreds of kilometers away
The girl told everything to her family members. The family members immediately approached the police and sought help. The police asked the girl to talk to the accused as part of the planning. After the video was uploaded on the internet, the spirits of the accused had increased. The boy girl has come under pressure. The girl called the accused to meet her to make the final deal. Because the accused had got ₹ 20000 earlier, he came to Gwalior. Here the police arrested him and sent him to jail.


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