It is a matter of great pleasure for Gwalior, the city of music emperor Tansen, that with the joint effort of the Municipal Corporation Gwalior and Smart City Gwalior to broadcast the classical music and Dhrupad of Gwalior on the global stage, Gwalior has been declared as a Creative City of Music by the Government of India. Proposal to declare has been sent. For this achievement of Gwalior, the role of District Administration, Municipal Corporation Gwalior and Smart City Gwalior has been very important. With the coordination of the Department of Culture, Music Experts, Raja Mansingh University and other departments and subject experts, Gwalior has come very close to establishing a global identity.

The famous musician of Gwalior Gharana, Laxman Krishnarao Pandit and world famous classical music singer Dr. Meeta Pandit expressed great happiness on this achievement of Gwalior and said that Gwalior is the Gangotri of music and the oldest festival of music is from the world famous Tansen Music Festival Gwalior. It was started which is being organized continuously every year. He said that the creation, practice, promotion and propagation of various styles of classical music has started from Gwalior itself. Raja Mansingh Tomar of Gwalior is considered the grandfather of Dhrupad. He said that I am sure that Gwalior will get the status of Creative City of Music very soon.
Municipal Commissioner Shivam Verma said that many features are tested for inclusion of any city in the UNESCO Creative City of Music. Must have experience in music production and activities, musical festivals and events. There should be music schools and colleges. Music industries are promoted and local and international platforms where concerts can be held. Gwalior It has almost all the features, on the basis of these we have tried. Municipal Commissioner Verma informed that after joining the Creative City of Music, the number of tourists coming to Gwalior will increase. Also, lovers of classical music will come to Gwalior to acquire this knowledge, as Gwalior has many musical houses, as well as music colleges and universities.

CEO Smart City Jayati Singh said on this achievement that Gwalior city is very rich in the field of music, it has its own genre and style of music. For this identity of the city to get a place in the international forum, many works are being done by Gwalior Smart City in the city. Gwalior Smart City has provided detailed information about music through a separate gallery in the Digital Museum built by Smart City, including children’s paintings on the government walls of the city, while the Town Hall located at Maharaj Bada is also ready, which can be used for musical activities.


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